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Kuyper Christian School began with a group people linked together by a vision for Christian education for their children and the children of others. Together they formed an “Association” which would become the legal and moral owners of Kuyper Christian School.

Today, Christian families (parents) who can subscribe to the Biblical Basis of the school are encouraged to join the “Association” from which the members nominate and elect a Board of Directors.
Parent control occurs through an association of like minded parents who have appointed a board to represent them in a governance process.


The Board of the Association and it's school is made up of Association members and the members serve on a voluntary basis. The board has up to 10 positions including the Principal who serves as an ex-officio member.

The Board governs the school, sets policies and determines the future direction of the school. To assist the Board there are also several voluntary committees. The governing processes are consistent with and faithful to the vision of the school
Board Chairman
Wayne Speirs
Board Members 
  • Sharon Sinfield
  • Wayne Speirs
  • Graeme Wilson
  • Matthew Wilson
  • Craig Spillane
  • Peter Hamilton


At the 2017 AGM  Kuyper's new Constitution was accepted.

Constitution V4 2017.pdf


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