Abraham Kuyper


The school is named after Abraham Kuyper, a Dutch politician-who was Prime Minister from 1901– 1905, was responsible for organising a Christian School movement in the Netherlands. 
Abraham Kuyper spoke of a Christian world view - which is a Christian way of looking at all areas of life. He used his position as a politician to encourage Christians to be distinctively Christian in all that they did. Leading by example, Abraham Kuyper organised a Christian political party, established the Reformed Free Church, founded and edited a Christian newspaper, organised the Christian school movement and founded a Christian University called the Free University of Amsterdam.
In 1901 Abraham Kuyper became the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, and brought Christian principles into all matters of state.
“There is not an inch of any sphere of life over which Jesus Christ does not say, ‘Mine.’ Abraham Kuyper
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